When a Compustar LCD remote beeps and says ‘hold’ it means the remote is in a button lock or button hold mode. To exit please follow instructions below:

One button & Four button remotes:

  • Hold the lock button down for about 4 seconds to take the remote out of hold. Once the remote is out, it should be functional or able to program to a system.

If this does not solve the issue:

  • Remove the battery, wait one minute, and reinsert the battery.

For Remotes with Function key – 

  • Press the ‘function’ or F key on the side of the remote down for 7-8 seconds.
  • The remote will beep at you and begin to function again.


NOTE – If you hold the “F” key longer than 8 seconds, it will turn the remote off. To turn back on, simply hold the function button down for 3 seconds. This should also exit the button hold mode. 

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