Pit Stop Mode

Pit Stop Mode

Pit Stop Mode is a mode built into many Compustar systems that allows the vehicle to continue to run without the key in the vehicle. This is often used for those who want to go into a convenience store for a short amount of time without turning the vehicle off. This mode does not work with manual transmission vehicles.

To enter Pit Stop mode, please do the following:

  • Put the transmission into Park
  • Remove your foot from the brake pedal
  • While the vehicle is still running, press and hold the remote start button on your remote (*Note: this will take about 3 seconds to happen)
  • You will know that the vehicle has entered Pit Stop mode if you see the parking lights flash
  • You can now remove the key *

When you return to the vehicle, you can use the same takeover procedure to enter the vehicle as you normally would.


*The vehicle will remain running for as long as the Run Timer has been set (The typical default time is 15 minutes).

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