Valet Mode

Valet Mode

You will know if you have accessed the Valet Mode feature if you receive 3 parking light flashes followed by 10 parking light flashes upon the remote start command. With LCD remotes, you will get an error 10.

NOTE: If your LCD screen reads ‘Hold‘ also, please follow this link to exit the button hold first – Exit Hold Mode

To exit ‘Valet Mode’ –


  • Press and release the lock button and the trunk button simultaneously (buttons I & III). Do not hold the buttons down, a quick press will be enough. 
  • Remove the key from ignition and attempt to start vehicle from Compustar remote controller.


  • Simply turn the key to the ‘ON/RUN’ position and press the foot brake down 10 times within 10 seconds.

T11 & 2W901R-SS REMOTES:

  • Turn key to the ‘ON/RUN’
  • Tap the function or ‘F’ key on the side 3 times, then press the lock button.
  • You will receive two parking light flashes to inform you that this was successful.  


  • Turn key to the ‘ON/RUN’
  • Press and release the function button and the trunk button simultaneously. NoteHolding the buttons for over .5 seconds will cause this to fail.
  • You will receive two parking light flashes to inform you that this was successful. 

If you do not have a remote, then the following can be attempted:

  • Start the vehicle
  • Press and release the foot brake pedal 10 times within 10 seconds.
  • This procedure will only deactivate Valet Mode, it will not activate Valet Mode. The vehicles parking lights should flash twice to indicate the system has exited valet mode.

If you are unable to exit after attempting the steps above, please Contact Us for assistance.

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